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What is LinksRez?

LinksRez is a market leading technology company offering resellers and suppliers seamless connectivity and distribution solutions.  We are a market leader in inventory distribution technology for the travel and lifestyle services industry, providing a modern, standards based, B2B and Host2Host platform for real-time inventory distribution and sales.

Our products

API - Direct Connect

Connect to one standards-based API and access content and inventory, create bookings, and more.

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Hosted Booking Engine - GUI

Our booking engine is custom designed and developed to meet your sales and marketing requirements.

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Why us?

With LinksRez, direct connect access is available from multiple suppliers in any one or multiple travel and lifestyle verticals, including Hotel, Car, Golf Tee Times, and Spa.  No longer will you have to develop and maintain code for connecting to different proprietary and open standards suppliers.  LinksRez takes care of that for you, allowing your resources to focus on development that directly adds value.

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Whether travel distribution is your main line of business or if you’re looking to enhance ancillary revenues LinksRez provides technology solutions allowing you to deliver travel experiences only your client travelers can imagine with access to real-time inventory and content from a variety of suppliers.


LinksRez allows suppliers a cost-effective solution to increase sales through multiple channels with one direct connect.  Our system also allows your product to be offered with other travel segment products all in one convenient space.  Whether it be hotel, car, golf tee times, spa reservations, or other, LinksRez is the only system that allows your product to be booked in conjunction with additional Lifestyle products.

Tech Teams

Our direct connect solution features API’s that are standards based meaning you can connect to one partner who takes care of the complexity of integrating with multiple suppliers of various open and proprietary standards allowing your organization to focus on the experience instead of the connectivity.  

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